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Posted by mark00 On April - 2 - 2010

TiN coating
The first coating to be used extensively in industry and still the most widely used probably due to it’s gold colour. It was a great leap forward and was first used on High Speed Steel (HSS) tooling because it could be deposited at temperatures below the point at which HSS starts to soften (500 deg C). However the many great advantages of using PVD TiN coating were also recognized by the tungsten carbide industry, and in 1985 the first PVD TiN coated tungsten carbide cutting tool inserts were introduced for milling applications.

The TiN coating is still suitable for a wide range of applications, materials, and cutting conditions. However the TiN coating has been superceded in many applications by TiAlN, CrAlN, TiCN and CrN.

The TiN coating is still used extensively for machining (steels, cast irons, and aluminum alloys) and for dies, moulds, punches, and forming tools. It is also used for decorative components due to it’s attractive gold colour.